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SEASON 8 | Episode 77 | January 29, 2015

Superbowl Snacks, 5 Chemicals You Encounter Daily, Easy Super Bowl DIY

Matt Basile makes Superbowl snacks that guarantee a touch down at your viewing party, great Superbowl inspired DIY ideas and Dr. Melissa Lem reveals everyday chemicals you encounter that could hurt you.



In Studio Giveaway of the Day

In Studio Giveaway of the Day Everyone in the audience took home a Paderno Eco stir fry pan. Paderno's Eco Pan is a nature conscious addition to any kitchen. It features a 100% ceramic, non-stick coating which is six times stronger than the traditional non-stick coatings. Completely PFOA and PTFE chemical free, this ceramic non-stick coating allows high heat cooking up to 400F. It's made of heavy gauge aluminum, has a silver satin finish exterior and a stay-cool, stainless steel long handle and helper handle with silicone over wraps. Go to for more information.


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