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SEASON 8 | Episode 30 | November 03, 2014

Season 8 Episode 30

Find out about one of the latest trends in dining, learn how to wear one of the season’s trickiest fashion trends and Chris’ Angels test beauty products to see if they’re worth the money.



In Studio Giveaway of the Day

In Studio Giveaway of the Day Everyone went home with a Danesco cooking torch. It features an adjustable flame lever for precision performance and easy on-off trigger. Use it for caramelizing sugars on crème brûlée, pies and tarts, heating and melting grated cheese on French onion soups, lasagna and casseroles, browning baked Alaska and other meringue-topped desserts, crisping glaze-topped meats, blackening the skins of tomatoes, onions, peppers and more. Go to danescoinc.com/ to find a store near you.


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