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SEASON 8 | Episode 102 | March 05, 2015

Exotic Dish Do-Overs, Show-Off Your Souvenirs and Learn About Tropical Diseases

We'll show you unique ways to display your travel souvenirs, Chef Jo Lusted is back with Vietnamese and Cuban Dish Do-Overs and Dr. Singh tells us what you need to know about tropical skin diseases.



In Studio Giveaway of the Day

Everyone in the audience took home Norpro's tempered glass Gravy Fat spearator. Enjoy rich, flavorful gravies and sauces thanks to a handy separating tool that takes care of the fat. The separator has a 16-ounce (2 cup) capacity made of durable glass so it is safe and easy to clean in the dishwasher. It comes with both standard and metric measuring guides. Visit for more info.


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