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How to Wallpaper Like a Pro

Wallpaper: It's everywhere this season. But hanging it can quicky turn into a sticky situation, if you're not careful. So we enlisted the help of wallpaper whiz Christopher Findley to show us how to paper like a pro.

wallpaper_like_a_pro1.jpg1. Prep it.

  • Fill in any holes and sand wall with 120 sandpaper.
  • Paint wall in a base colour that coordinates with chosen wallpaper, just in case seams don't line up perfectly
  • Apply a coat of sizing to wall. This will allow you to move paper around before it dries and ultimately makes removal easier.

2. Soak it.

  • If possible, stick with pre-pasted wallpaper; it's easiest to apply.
  • Cut a strip of pre-pasted paper at least two inches longer than wall.
  • Run it through a water trough filled with room temperature water.
  • Be sure to "book" paper by folding glue side onto itself and allowing it to sit for at least three minutes.

3. Hang it.

  • Always work with a partner! Wallpapering isn't a one-person job.
  • Draw a vertical plumb line on wall, approximately one inch wider than wallpaper strip. The easiest way to draw a plumb line is to use a level placed against the wall and a pencil. Use line as a visual guide when you hang first strip.
  • Always put first strip of paper in middle of wall and work outwards.
  • When working with patterned wallpaper, it's important to draw a vertical plumb line each time you hang a strip on the wall. Find the match points in your wallpaper pattern before you cut each strip. Larger patterns will always be easier to work with than smaller patterns.


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