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Up-cycled Holiday Bulbs


It happens every year: You untangle your holiday lights only to find that half aren't working. Don't toss 'em out quite yet; upcycle those burnt out bulbs into a fabulously festive centrepiece!

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holiday light bulbs
various shades of glitter, divided
white glue
artist's brush
large decorative bowl
fake snow


  1. Decant various shades of glitter into separate bowls.
  2. Using a small artist's brush, apply glue to entire glass portion of each bulb.
  3. Dip bulb in one of the bowls of glitter and roll around, ensuring that glue is completely covered with glitter.
  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 with remaining bulbs.
  5. Allow bulbs to fully dry separately before displaying together in a large decorative bowl on a bed of fake snow.


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