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Two Ways to Build a Family Wall

We all have family photos and art that are too precious to part with. Design expert Trish Johnston shows us two stylish ways to display these family gems.

Serene Family Photography Wall

Two Ways to Build a Family Wall

Above: frames, Pottery Barn; console, IKEA

1. Uniformity is key: In this case, that means all photos are black and white, and all frames are white.

2. Keep it symmetrical - symmetry creates order which compliments the soft colour scheme, this kind of grouping is the easiest to achieve and leaves little room for error

3. Use a monochromatic colour scheme: This monochromatic lavendar scheme on the wall offers a soft look without having to go neutral.

4. Add texture: The grasscloth within the chair rail adds warmth from its rough texture.

Eclectic and Laid Back

Two Ways to Build a Family Wall

Above: wall art from Elte

1. Use chalk board paint instead of black paint: This is a fun and creative solution for wall art. Use chalk to draw your own frames or artwork within a frame.

2.Don't fuss: Pull together your favourite things and edit. Place your items on the floor in front of your wall and pick a grouping you like, then mount the items to the wall

3. Stagger your pieces; keep like items together: When creating a staggered grouping, try to keep like items together, then keep adding. Don't be afraid of mixing your frame finishes and styles.

4. Use a rich colour scheme: Fabrics and texture add warmth and richness to the look, and enhance the family feel of this space. Don't treat this wall like a gallery wall – you can still use the space for practical storage and keep it livable.

5. Reflect your lifestyle: Don't feel pressured to strive for perfection. Art is best displayed and enjoyed in a genuine environment (casual pieces in a casual environment, formal pieces in a formal environment).

Trish Johnston with Steven and Chris


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