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Très Chic French Decor

How to create a French-inspired look that will have everyone saying, "Ooh là là!"

What is French interior design?
Chic French interior design is not to be confused with French country. Rather, as designer Lisa Worth told us, it's a refined blend of antiques, vintage collectibles and just a touch of country. It has a strictly cosmopolitan vibe with a significant emphasis on extravagance and high fashion and a hint of edginess.

What are its rules?
A straightforward, sweeping rule of French interior design is that no expense is spared. But that's not to say that you can't create a similar effect on a smaller budget. Virtually any design scheme can be skillfully accomplished for less. The key is to take a playful attitude towards the past. Europeans invented this ecclectic approach to design.

French Design.jpg

Clockwise, from left: Fulton Martini Lounge Chair and Vintage Colour Classic rug in Turquoise, Mounted Climbing Man on wall, Brooklyn #2 print, Ikat Silk Print 22" x 22" pillows, Edmonds sofa, Beige Mongolian 20" x 20" pillow, Wallis chair, Silk 20" x 20" pillow, Multi V Telescoping floor light and Tray cocktail table, Cherrington silver box, Dogs and &Forks books, obelisk crystals, by Elte; white boxes, crystal ball, The Light of Paris book and dog sculpture, by 1212.

Special thanks to Para Paint for supplying paint for the segment.

tres_chic_french_decor_bio.jpgDecor diva Lisa Worth is president of Worth Interior Design, where she consistently delivers creative, intelligent design solutions for a growing roster of clients. A native of Toronto, Lisa lives in Aurora, Ont.


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