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Create a Stylish Guest Room and Home Office in 5 Simple Steps

Designer Trish Johnston shows us how a small den can easily function as both a guest room and home office.


1. Be Playful with Your Wall Treatment

Be playful with your wall treatment

When a space is doing double duty as a home office and guest room you really want to ensure it feels deliberate in the decor, not just thrown together. Pick a pretty wall treatment — it could be wallpaper, or an interesting wall treatment like we've done here with chevron.

2. Think of Your Rug as Your Fifth Wall

Think of your rug as a fifth wall

A gorgeous persian rug feels curated and special in a space. A beautfiul rug adds interest to a room and can also work to blend your colour scheme.

3. Use Double Duty Furniture

Use double duty furniture

A daybed is a great choice for a spare room. It doesn't take up too much floor space and can also act as a couch. This daybed can also be pulled out to a full sized bed, and has extra storage underneath where guest bedding or other items can be stored. Using a larger bedside table is also a good use of space. Guests will have a place to put their clothes, and it can house any office storage you need.

4. Pendants as Bedside Lamps

Pendants as bedside lamps

Using pendants as table lamps not only looks great, but frees up space on the top of bedside tables for collectibles or more storage.

5. Add Extra Seating

Add extra seating

An interesting ottoman, super fun and bright throw cushions and accessories all take away a big box feel and make a room feel more collected. A little seating area off to the side gives the room a "hotel suite" feeling.

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Trish Johnston and Steven and Chris


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