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The Five Big Woods

Andrika Lawren gave us to some great information on the big five players in wood, and now we're passing them off to you! Read below to find out what best suits you and your needs when choosing a wood!


Pine is likely the most popular choice in woods. It is a durable and reliable wood which is why you see so much furniture, building material, and trim or paneling made from it.

We like it best when it is weathered and slightly grey. This look is great in a casual cottage type environment.


Source: House Beautiful


This is similar to pine in that it is a really durable and reliable wood, but it has a straight grain with a coarse texture. Ash is a really strong wood that has traditionally been used to make baseball bats, boat oars, and furniture.This wood is perfectly suited to high traffic zones, so flooring and on walls is perfect


Source: Brian Watford


Walnut is traditionally hard, strong, and stiff and is relatively decay-resistant. It is easy to carve and turn, which is why you often see it in musical instruments, clocks, and decorative items. It is most widely used in design for high end cabinetry and furniture.

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Source: Joel Kelly


Oak is naturally decay-resistant, which makes it a popular choice for outdoor furniture. It also weathers beautifully. Oak is incredibly wear resistant, which makes it a very popular flooring choice.


Souce: Gissler Design


This wood has a beautiful rich luster and fairly uniform texture.This is likely the most popular wood in cabinetry. It is very pliable and moldable, so you do see it as a veneer, but solid cherry cabinets are highly coveted.


Source: Salvatore Ferragamo, Esquire Magazine


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