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The $50 Fix-Up: Spruce Up Your Guest Bathroom

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Design blogger Hailey Thomson lives in rural Nova Scotia where her motto is, "Stop purging and hoard more, it pays for itself!" One of her favourite projects? Refreshing a dull space with a $50 budget. For this challenge, she took her powder room and transformed it with some great budget finds and a lot of imagination.

before and after guest bathroom

We all have that one dull — but adequate — room in our house. The room that is always last on our renovation list, the room that won't see a lick of paint for another five years. What if you could take these sad, lonely rooms and fix them up for $50?

A mere $50 can take you far when you start looking. There are great finds in thrift shops, dollar stores and even the garbage. I am also a self-confessed hoarder, so there are always a few gems lying around. All you really need is some imagination and a can of spray paint. 

The Paint

loop paint

The room needed to be painted and paint is expensive, right? Not always! I snagged some Loop  paint at Walmart. This is recycled paint  — quality paint that otherwise would be tossed to the dump is getting cleaned and tinted a new colour. The colours are fairly limited, but there are some nice ones. I chose white.

Can I also add, this paint was $14.94 at Walmart. 14 freaking 94. I was unsure what the quality would be like, but I must say I was super happy with it. You need two coats, but you always do right? It also has a weird, but oddly pleasant smell.

The Decals

wall decals

Decals are in the $20+ range when you buy them pre-made, but not in a $50 bathroom! What are decals really? I was pretty sure they were no different than peel and stick vinyl (as in dollar store shelf liner paper). So, yes, these decals are made from some dollar store shelf liner.

Scrap Wood

I never, ever, ever get rid of wood, I always find a use for it! I also wanted a much longer shelf in the bathroom, something with a bit of warmth, so I stained a bit of scrap wood and hung them with some inexpensive brackets. The shelf (above) and the mirror frame are both made from scrap wood and an old mirror that I cut myself.

Oh yes, I cut a mirror. Advice: Research before you start and make sure you have the right supplies! (There are a few mirror-cutting tutorials are on YouTube.)

The The Stag and Other Details 

The stag head came from the flea market in town, it was painted to look like a real stag, pretty ugly, but I saw the potential. I spray painted it matte black (and added a coat to of black a cheap, plastic, dollar store toilet paper holder while I was spraying). Matte black always makes it better. 

The waste basket came from my fave place: Value Village. I wanted to style it up a smidge, so I sprayed the bottom half white with some leftover spray paint.

The Splurge

My last big purchase was this great towel ring in the sale section of Urban Outfitters, I love the hexagon shape!

So that is it guys, less than $50 to freshen up a tired old bathroom, it doesn't take much.

the finished bathroom

The Grand Totals:
Paint - $14.94
Shelf brackets - $2
Contact paper for decals - $1.25
Wood for shelf -  Free (scrap wood in basement)
Stag head - Free (ish) it has been around for a while now
Black spray paint -  $3.50
Paint for radiator - Free, leftover from painting the front door
Glass cutter - $5.97
Wood for  mirror - Free, rescued from dumpster
Mirror: Free (an old one from around the house)
Toilet Paper Holder - $3
Towel Ring - $10
Waste basket - $2.99
Tray on the toilet - $1.25

Grand Total - $44.90

Hey guys! I'm Hailey Thomson from the blog Here nor There. I am all about great design, any kind of DIY and spending my days thrifting and picking up roadside finds around my home in Nova Scotia. I try and find potential in the unlikely and the unloved, all our junk deserves a second chance, right? You can find me armed with my drill and a can of spray paint, ready for my next project. Check me out here on Steven and Chris or my own blog, Here nor There.


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