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Thanksgiving Table DIY’s


Looking to spruce up your Thanksgiving table with items you already have? We have three DIY's to get you ready for the big turkey day.

Round table decorated with DIY Thanksgiving decor. They include: gold rimmed cups, table turkey plates, centerpieces, and a festive table cloth.

Sources: table, chairs, cowhide rug, wall art, and mirrors, Zilli Home; pillows, throws, cloches, cutlery, and napkins, Indigo; plates, HomeSense; wood chargers, Pottery Barn; glassware, Dollarama.

Gold Rimmed Glasses

Gold rimmed glasses are made with tape and non toxic metallic glass paint.
Source: C Wonder

Materials: Martha Stewart metallic paint for glass, inexpensive water glasses, small roller, and painter's tape.

Instructions: Tape off your preferred design on the glass. Roll gold paint on with a small roller, the glass should be completely covered. Let dry and peel off painted tape. To cure, bake at lowest temperature for one hour.

Note: Martha Stewart's gold paint for glass is non-toxic, permanent, and waterproof.

Turkey Decal Dessert Plates

A plain white plate is turned into a festive Thanksgiving plate by adding an image of a turkey in the center.

Materials: dessert plates, water slide decal paper, and an ink jet or laser jet printer

Instructions: Find an image online, we chose a turkey for Thanksgiving. Print that image out on decal paper—make sure to use paper specified to the type of printer you have. Once image is dry, cut it out with minimal borders. Place the graphic face down on a plate, soak in water, and then peel off backing. Position and wait until dried. Cure in oven on lowest temperature for one to two hours.

Festive Cloche Centerpiece

Leaves, feathers, pine cones, and a gourd are covered by glass cloches to make this Thanksgiving table's centerpiece.

Materials: glass cloche, decorative items and trinkets (can be gathered from around the house), feathers, leaves, pumpkins, moss, florist foam, large tray

Instructions: Have fun with this! Assemble your pieces until you are happy with them. Build up pieces by layering on top of moss and florist foam. Arrange your cloches on a large tray and surround them with leaves and more moss. You can also put cloches on top of cake plates or boxes to create levels at your table.


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