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Stunning Kitchen Inspirations from The Interior Design Show

This year’s Interior Design Show was packed with fabulous designs for your home! We toured kitchens made by IKEA, House & Home and Style at Home for some serious décor inspiration.


Style at Home

Erin McLaughlin, the magazine's Editor-in-Chief, says this kitchen was inspired by Paris. This kitchen, designed for a creative couple or small family, heavily channels a Parisian bistro with its stone floors to the black cabinetry.



This is IKEA’s newest versatile kitchen called SEKTION. Alicia Carroll says this space was designed with a visual artist in mind and addresses storage needs with multiple cabinets.


House & Home

House & Home’s Editor-in-Chief Suzanne Dimma says their kitchen was inspired by lush patterns, colours and layering on the runway at Burberry’s fashion show. The kitchen was is referred to as an oasis for the home cook — this is a place where they can escape from the rest of their house and the world.


Video: Home Cook's Kitchen Oasis by House & Home

Video: SEKTION Kitchen by IKEA

Video: Paris Inspired Kitchen by Style at Home

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