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Recycled-Ornament Star Decoration


Transform a simple star using old ornaments into a spectacularly unique decoration—perfect for your door, hearth or wall!


old ornaments
star form
glue gun


  1. Gather old ornaments. (Be sure to select ones you definitely won't want to use again as they will be glued to the star.)
  2. Lay ornaments out to ensure that you have enough to cover star-shaped wreath.
  3. Fill in gaps with simple yarn balls, which will add texture and interest to the piece.
  4. Glue all pieces to star, building it up until there are no empty holes.
  5. Hang on your wall or mirror with a 3M Command damage-free hook.

Simple Yarn Balls

foam ball
glue gun

  1. Glue one end of yarn to foam ball.
  2. Wrap yarn around foam until it is completely covered.
  3. Cut yarn and adhere end to ball with small dot of glue.

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