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Spruce Up Your Small Space

Though small condos and bachelor apartments can be a challenge to design, it's certainly possible to create a space that's comfortable, organized and reflects your personality. Here we show you how we might split up the space and decorate it to its greatest potential.

Spruce Up Your Small Space

Above: art, chair, table, lamp, mirrors, bedding, ottoman, pillows, blanket, sconce, chandelier, clock, frames, Peaks and Rafters; closet system, tv stand, baskets, IKEA

Living Space

Spruce Up Your Small Space

1. Affordability

You first want to set a budget for your space. Once you've got that, decide on what you want to save on and what you want to splurge on.

Our Splurge: Chair and Table

We've splurged on the chair and table because they are great quality pieces that can transition into your future homes.

Our Save: Wallpaper and TV Stand

You can incorporate design features like wallpaper when you use it on one wall. This is also from a big box paint store so it won't break the bank. Mix in pieces from IKEA like the tv stand that are functional and affordable.

2. Size

You want to make sure the pieces you choose are complementary to your space. Measure out how much room you have first. Be realistic - you don't want to pick a sofa that takes up your whole apartment, and you don't want to pick a twin bed that you're falling off of.

Knowing that you have this small space for living, we've chosen a chair, small coffee table and lamp for tv watching, reading, or entertaining a friend or two. Think about proportion and using the space wisely.

3. Comfort

Chair: If you only have this small footprint to work with, you really want to make the space feel comfortable. We chose this chair because although it has clean lines, it's stuffed just enough to relax and read in.

Rug: Having a textured rug warms up the space instead of keeping a bare hardwood or concrete floor.

4. Personality

Metallic Accents: Mixed metals are such a big trend right now and it just adds that something special to a room and gives it that curated look. We see this in the lamp, antique mirrors, gold corners on the coffee table.

Graphic Patterns:

Wallpaper: The tone-on-tone lattice paper adds a hit of pattern that is subtle yet impactful.

Trendy Accessories: This is where you really reflect your personality. Grab the things you've collected over the years and style your coffee table. Layer fashion books, fresh flowers, bowls, candles, and anything else that reflects you.


Spruce Up Your Small Space

1. Versatility

Closet: We've created a full custom wall of closets from IKEA and made it our own by adding molding to it. This way, it acts as a dividing wall for the living room and a closet for the bedroom.

2. Focal Point

Bedding: The bedding is full of personality, hand painted and adds layers of pattern to give an eclectic, chic vibe.

Headboard: Made out of the same wallpaper from the living room. Again, we've taken some molding to frame it out and it also saves you money because you've used the leftovers from the other room.

Chandelier: Over the bed, it adds some sparkle and really gives the idea of an impactful focal point.

3. Functionality

TV Stand: Because it's on casters, it can move to both spaces to watch television.

Extra Seating: A clean ottoman at the end of the bed that's slipcovered and easy to clean can be brought into the living space when you have guests over.

4. Space Savers

Instead of a side table, we've cut down a small wood shelf and hung it on the wall with a sconce for a bedside lamp.


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