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Garden-Themed Bridal & Baby Shower DIYs

Planning a bridal or baby shower and looking for ways to give it that personalized touch? Event planner Melissa Andre shows some fun, inexpensive ways to add some high-impact decor to your springtime shower.

DIY floral cocktail tray

1. DIY Floral Cocktail Tray

A great way to personalize because you can choose papers, colors, and trays that work with your personal style. You can use a graphic floral paper, a softer watercolour floral, something a bit fun and bright, or a really subtle tone on tone. The options are endless when it comes to florals and the looks you can achieve. The same idea goes for the tray that you use — if your personal style is a bit more vintage inspired, then go with a tray with an antique feel. If you prefer something more modern, then choose a mirrored tray or a colored acrylic option.

Tools and Materials

  • 1 vintage-looking or plexi tray
  • Floral wallpaper
  • 1 glass insert taken from a photo frame (for plexi tray)
  • Faux flowers (for plexi tray)
  • Pencil for tracing
  • Scissors for cutting wallpaper to size

How To Make It

  1. Shop your favourite vintage store to source an antique inspired tray.
  2. Choose floral wallpaper that you love and trace the shape of the tray to create a paper insert for a custom look.

Confetti invitations

2. Baby Shower Confetti Invitations

Set the tone for your nesting themed baby shower by sending out invitations that feature a fun baby-themed confetti element.

You can include any confetti that you like here — during the spring season, you'll find everything from "It's a boy" confetti to baby ducks, little chickadees, bottles, baby giraffes, etc. — so there are endless options to make it your own. If you decide to go with another theme, other than nesting, just switch the confetti in your little envelope and you're ready to go. This invitation idea also adds a little element of surprise! It gets people excited to celebrate with you.

Tools and Materials

  • Coloured (8.5X11) sheets of paper for your invitation
  • Colourful paper to create your own confetti or pre-made confetti
  • Various shaped hole punches (nesting and baby shapes; ducks, eggs, baby bottle etc.)
  • Glassine bags or miniature envelope
  • Scissors
  • Home computer and printer or metallic pen

How To Make It

  1. Shop your local craft store for decorative paper (8.5 x 11) in a colour palette you love.
  2. Use your home computer to layout your invitation or handwrite on your invitation with a metallic gel pen. We sized our invitation so that one (8.5 x 11) sheet created four (4.25 x 5.5) invitations.
  3. Print a test sample of the invitation on blank paper to ensure that everything lines up!
  4. Now you are ready to print the final copy of the invitations on your decorative paper!
  5. Make your own confetti with any baby and nesting themed hole punches you fall in love with or purchase pre-cut confetti in fun shapes from a craft store. We chose baby ducks, eggs, bottles, metallic circles, and pastel hearts.
  6. Fill your glassine bag or miniature envelope with your confetti and use a glue stick to adhere it to the invitation.

Floral nest centerpieces

3. Floral Nest Centerpiece

Replacing a traditional vase in your centerpieces with a bird's nest carries the nesting theme throughout your baby shower. Plus you can send your guests home with these little nests filled with florals and they can continue to enjoy these beautiful centerpieces in their own home once your baby shower is over.

Tools and Materials

  • A faux nest from your local craft store
  • A vase or bowl that fits neatly into your nest
  • Your favourite lush blooms that work with your baby shower colour palette
  • A pair of floral stem scissors from your local craft store or Wal-Mart

How To Make It

  1. Trim the stems on your favourite blooms to fit into your glass bowl
  2. Fill your bowl with water and arrange the flowers you love into your nest
  3. Place completed centerpiece into your faux nest and style on your table


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