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DIYs for Sports Fans

Two manly yet manageable DIY projects for the sophisticated sports fan in your household.

Baseball-bat table and hockey stick lamp.

Hockey Stick Lamp


  • 3 hockey pucks
  • drill
  • hockey sticks
  • screws
  • lighting kit
  • drum lampshade
  • black hockey tape (optional)
  • black acrylic rope (optional)


  1. Drill hole through centre of all 3 pucks.
  2. Place a puck about a third of the way down the back of one hockey stick. Screw from the front of the hockey stick into the puck. Repeat this about halfway down with another puck and then again at the bottom.
  3. Line up the next hockey stick and drill into all 3 pucks again. Repeat this process until you have created a half circle of sticks around the pucks.
  4. Before closing the circle, feed cord of lighting kit through the 3 holes you created in Step 1. Then, attach lighting kit to either side of the top puck with screws.
  5. Finish screwing hockey sticks to pucks to create a complete free-standing circle.
  6. Trim lampshade and wrap stick blades with black hockey tape; cover up screws by wrapping rope around sticks (optional).
  7. Attach shade and plug in your new lamp!

Baseball-Bat Table


  • black spray paint
  • 24- x 24-in. piece of wood
  • 2 24- x 24-in. pieces of 1/2-in. clear acyrlic
  • 4 baseball bats
  • drill
  • 8 wood screws
  • 8 washers


  1. Spray-paint wood black.
  2. Make 4 equidistant marks on both wood and acrylic to indicate the location of each bat.
  3. Predrill holes in wood, acrylic and thicker ends of baseball bats. Screw all three pieces together at each bat location. Secure with washers.
  4. Place second piece of acrylic on top of bats to form tabletop; mark where each bat meets acrylic.
  5. Predrill holes in top of each bat and through acrylic.
  6. Use washers and screws to secure bats to acrylic.



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