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Spectacular DIY Suspended Centrepiece for Beginners


After visiting the Dinner and Design exhibit, our décor producer Olivia Hnatyshin was inspired to make a suspended centrepiece that anyone can make at home. This floral design was inspired by the blog 100 Layer Cake. Suspended centrepieces are great for special events like birthday parties, engagement parties or dinners!



  • 2 x 12 inch or another piece of reclaimed wood
  • wood stain (optional)
  • drill
  • heavy rope
  • floral foam
  • fake or real flowers
  • 4 temporary eye hooks


  1. Cut a piece of reclaimed wood to your preferred size or buy it at a hardware store. Olivia's was about 40 inches long.
  2. Optional: Stain wood in a medium-dark colour and let dry.
  3. Drill four holes in each corner of the wood.
  4. Feed rope through each hole and knot the ends.
  5. Glue floral foam to swing base.
  6. Fill in entire foam block with flowers.
  7. Hang from temporary eye hooks.

floral suspended centrepiece on top of a table


Video: Suspended Floral Centrepiece

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