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Simple Painting Tips

Take the pain out of painting with these tips on how to pick the perfect colour, paint around a window, and properly store brushes and cans.

Get the right colour

Don't rely on paint chip samples to get the right colour for your living space. Buy inexpensive tester pots and paint out large swatches on your wall, Preferably somewhere that's exposed to natural light.

Easily paint window frames

A little tip from the pros: instead of taping out all your window casings, just paint right over the window. It creates a seal, and the perfect edge so once it dries go over it with a razor to get a clean, fast, easy edge.

Store Brushes and Rollers Without Fuss

If you're taking a break or calling it a day, no need to waste time washing your brushes and rollers. Wrap the brushes in plastic wrap and store your roller in a freezer bag, then pop them in the fridge.

Properly Label Your Paint Can

If you have paint leftover, be sure to keep it around for touchups or smaller jobs. Put a dab of paint on the lid, and label what you used it for (ex. Living Room).

Place some plastic wrap over the top of the can, hammer the lid shut, and store upside down. This will create an air tight seal. An opened can of latex paint should last two to three years.


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