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Serene Guest Room

Style at Home Editor in Chief Erin McLaughlin shares five simple steps to create a beautifully serene guest room.

Serene Guest Room

Above: beds, S&C for SpringWall; bedding, Au Lit; wall paint, Farrow & Ball; lamp and carpet, Elte; Lotus wallpaper, Farrow and Ball; table top accessories, Style at Home Collection; Tray & Box, HomeSense

1. Opt for Single Beds

This is a big trend we're seeing in guest spaces. It gives your guest the luxury of their own bed in a small space. It also allows for guests who might not want to share the same bed to still share a room.

Quick Tip: Two single beds pushed together share the same measurements as a king size bed. Pushing them together will add a sense of luxury and romance.

Serene Guest Room

2. Be Sure to Choose a Soft Pallet

The bones of this space are neutral here. The wall and trim are both painted in a soft sand colour, which is complemented by white linens, a warm brown rug, and neutral throws. Pops of pink are carefully integrated in pillows, accessories, and a DIY headboard.

Quick Tip: Creating a DIY headboard with a pink and mauve patterned wallpaper is not only inexpensive, it adds great drama to the wall. Using foam core and cutting the top out in a camel back shape adds a level of sophistication to a simple and inexpensive project.

3. Include Simple Storage

A guest room is not for you to keep your extra clothes in or store your seasonal items. You want to have a space where guest can store their belongings, and a three drawer chest is perfect for that.

Quick Tip: If you do need to use your guest room for additional storage, remove the items before your guest visit and tuck a few goodies in the drawers to welcome them.

Serene Guest Room

4. Have Crisp Clean Linens

Don't think that white is the only option here. Layering pattern and texture will keep your guests feeling comfy and cozy.

Quick Tip: If you choose bedding with puckering, pin tucking, or scalloping, you will never need to worry about ironing your bedding!

Serene Guest Room

5. Add Personal Touches

The guest room is a reflection of who you are, so put a little bit of yourself in it. This can be a lamp that may have been handed down to you from a relative, or a piece of furniture picked up on your travels, just be sure this space is cozy and reflective of your own personal style.

Quick Tip: Adding a small tray or basket of items for your overnight guests is a nice way to welcome them to your home. Don't get carried away, just put a few special items together that your guest might like.


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