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Santa’s Mailbox Centrepiece


A festive DIY to sit on your tabletop, add some merriment to your space with this Santa's Mailbox Centrepiece.

Santa's Mailbox Centrepiece


white mailbox from hardware store
spray paint in various shades of gold and bronze (2-3 should be enough)
Santa letters - download Santa letter template


1. In a well ventilated area (and somewhere you can spray paint), put a drop cloth down and place your mailbox in the middle.

2. Start with the lighter shade and spray short spurts towards the mailbox. You don't want to do the traditional spray painting where you cover the mailbox completely. You want to make it look rusted and antique.

3. Go over with your darker colour, adding some paint splatters over the lighter bronze.

4. Once dry, use greenery underneath and place mailbox in the centre of your table/console. Fill with greenery, ornaments, and of course Santa's mail.


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