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Real or Deal: Antiques

When it comes to antiques, deal hunter Maureen Welch is great at mixing pieces, some of which are real and others that are less expensive versions modeled on originals. Antiques can be tricky; even the ones that are 'faux' can cost a pretty penny, because their real counterparts are incredibly rich in price. There are, however, always deals to be found. It just requires diligent hunting and perseverance.

Real or Deal: Antiques

Above: end tables, wall panels, table lights, chairs, accessories, Ribbehege & Azevedo; sofa, coffee table: Elte; rug, W Studio; chandelier, The Door Store


They're real! These art nouveau pieces are from Belgium circa 1880, valued at $1,275.00. The late 19th century was really the first time we saw slim and streamlined construction, which makes these two chairs true originals.

Real or Deal: Antiques

Coffee Table

It's a deal! This gold leaf cocktail table with clear glass top is a reproduction of a neo-classical coffee table that popularized in France from the 1940s to 1960s. Neoclassicism is a revival of the styles and spirit of classic antiquity and continued throughout the 19th and 20th and 21st century.

Marble Side Tables

They're real, and come with a price tag of $18,500 for the pair! The tables were created using an 18th-century English technique called ormolu, which simply put refers to the application of finely ground, high-carat gold and mercury to an object of bronze. These tables really evoke the luxury of Louis XVI and the grandeur of a place like ch√Ęteau Versailles, which is why we love them.

Real or Deal: Antiques

Wall Panels

They're real! From France circa 1800, these wall panels are hand-painted Chinoiserie prints valued at $1,395 each. Chinoiserie entered the European repertoire in the mid-to-late 17th century and it peaked in popularity around the middle of the 18th century.Today you can purchase vintage wallpapers inspired by pieces just like these ones here.


It's a deal from the Door Store! Chandeliers have long been a status symbol. From the first candle light chandeliers modern pieces or today, they have been a design staple for centuries. Whether it is lead crystal or glass, every quality chandelier is hand made and will come with a high price tag; be sure to do your research before buying because there are many imposters out there.

Real or Deal: Antiques


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