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Putting Vintage to Work - DIY

In today's DIY, we're putting everyday vintage objects to work by re-inventing their function.

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Charging Station - Transforming a vintage hat box into a electronic charging station

Hanging Utility Basket - Using a vintage belt and old basket to create a hanging utility basket for overstock household items.

Dog Food Station - Transforming a vintage crate into a dog food station with hidden storage.

Charging Station

What you'll need

Vintage hatbox (any box will do)
Surge Protector (To insure safety
do not choose a basic extension cord)
Glue Gun
Xacto blade

1. Measure the width of your eyelet and make sure the surge protector plug and charging ends fit through the eyelet
2. Identify how many electronic devises of yours require charging. You will need this number of holes with an extra one for your surge protector
3. With a pencil trace the inside of your eyelet.
4. With an exacto knife cut our your circle.
(Note: Create star shaped slits with your exacto. Fold the pieces back into the box. Trim the excess.) 
5. Hot glue your eyelet on to the opening
(This not only cleans up the look of the hole, it will prevent any fraying.)
6. Repeat these steps for each charge cord and be sure to put one in the back for your surge protector cord.
7. Place the trivet in the bottom of your hatbox.
(Note: The trivet is simply a precaution.  New serge protectors are not prone to overheating, but to be 100% sure that yours will not overheat look for a UL Rating or the distinction "transient voltage surge suppressor.")
8. Place the surge protector in the box running the cord out the back
9. Plug in each charging cord and run the ends through the remaining holes
10. Plug in the surge protector, close the lid, and voila your charging station is ready to use!

Hanging Utility Basket

What you'll need

Vintage Basket (any basket will do)
Old Leather Belt
2x Fastening Nuts and Bolts
Awl Tool (or leather hole punch)
3x Vintage Keys
Small length of leather (any fastening twine will do)
Option: A vintage lock

1. Cut the buckle end and fastening holes off of your belt
2. Use your Awl Tool to puncture 2 holes in the leather.
3. In order to stretch the leather rotate the awl tool or a pair of scissors around in the hole.
(We recommend putting a scrap piece of wood down to avoid putting a dent or hole in any of your furniture)
4. Insert the bolt through your newly formed hole and then through one side of your basket
(Use your awl tool to pry open a space in your basket
5. Repeat this on the opposite side and secure the bolts with a corresponding nut
7. Thread the small length of leather through your keys and tie it to one side of your basket
8. For an extra hit of charm, with a dark twist tie secure a vintage lock to the front of your basket.

Dog Food Station

What you'll need

Vintage Crate
Small handsaw or jigsaw
2x small metal bowls with a lip
4x rubber pads
Tupperware container (smaller in size than the crate)

1. Turn your crate upside down
2. Using your pencil and metal bowl as a guide, trace two circles
on to the bottom of the crate
(This will be you cutting guide)
3. Using your drill, make a hole inside your circle. Be sure not to go outside the pencil line or your metal bowl will fall through!
6. With your hand held saw or jigsaw cut out the circle.
7. Turn the crate right side up and put a rubber pad on each of the four corners
8. Turn it upside down one last time and place the metal bowls in the newly formed holes (This is now the top!)
9. Hide your Tupperware container underneath for extra food or stray toys!


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