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Plantation-Inspired Bedroom Retreat

We love the idea of recreating a tropical-inspired master bedroom. Going with a plantation style for your room will create a relaxed, romantic and classic feel that is simply timeless.

The most important thing to start with is beautiful bedding. Go for a bold print, like we have done here with the floral. It’s feminine and masculine at the same time with the pinstripe detailing. A rich tone like this chocolate feels inviting and warm and anchors the room, making the bed the focal point in the space.

The discarded headboard shutters were originally a dark wood stain. We wanted to bring them back to life so we painted them white, and they really help to define the plantation style and set the tone for room. When adding shutters to your bed to create a headboard, make sure they don’t sit directly on the wall – it will make them seem cheap. Always create a bit of room – three inches is ideal – between the shutters and wall to give it some depth and elevate the look.

Plantation-Inspired Bedroom Retreat

You can’t go wrong with tropical-inspired artwork. We added a collection of straw hats. Think of collecting these on your trip or scour flea markets for good deals. They are a fun and easy way to add inexpensive art for maximum impact. And nothing says the tropics like leafy palms. Placed in wicker baskets they add lushness to a room.

We think these apothecary cabinets look great as bedside tables. They have the look of weathered wood which is very reminiscent of the beach and they are incredibly inexpensive. The chairs, meanwhile, add a nice loose texture that gives a very relaxed feeling to the space.

The final touch is a gorgeous ceiling fan.The banana leaf rattan is sculptural and truly creates a room fit for the tropics.

Plantation-Inspired Bedroom Retreat

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