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Planning the Perfect Kitchen

Seventy percent of people are unhappy with their kitchens immediately after a kitchen renovation. Designer Lisa Worth shows us how to plan the perfect kitchen and gives us a sneak peek at a few leading edge cabinets.

Planning the Perfect Kitchen

Cabinets and internal mechanisms by BLUM.

Know Your Zones

Blum has designated five zones in the kitchen, to account for when designing your kitchen:

  1. Consumables (food)
  2. Non Consumables (stored goods)
  3. Cleaning
  4. Prep
  5. Cooking

Go for Drawers In Your Base Cabinets

Drawers are expensive but provide the best storage. Choose base cabinets with drawers if you want to maximize storage in your kitchen.

Upper Cabinets

When you're designing your upper cabinets always go for cabinets that are 14 inches deep and choose a door face over glass for less maintenance.

Planning the Perfect Kitchen

Goodbye Lazy Susan

For kitchens with corners, this magnificent reinvention of the corner cabinet has incorporated drawers into corner cabinets. No more digging around in corners!

Sink Cabinet

Every kitchen also requires a sink cabinet. Consider one with a top drawer for cleaning utensils and a lower drawer with garbage pulls-outs and recycling bins.


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