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Pet-Friendly Fabrics

Pets. We love them dearly, of course—or at least until they ruin our furniture. Whether it's their shedding coat, scratching claws or odd accident, pets can sure wreak havoc on our decor. So we put some common fabric choices to the test to see which would stand up to Fluffy's fury. Here are the best (and worst) in show.


3rd Place: Woven Fabrics

Pro: Woven fabrics are easy to clean (especially if they are natural). Cons: Claws catch and pull threads easily, pet hair can embed itself right into the weave, and urine is easily absorbed through the fabric and into the cushions themselves.

2nd Place: Leather

Leather is a better choice, particularly aniline. Because aniline leather is dyed with soluble dye, not surface paint, it retains the hide's natural surface throughout, which means scratches buff right out. Cats also generally don't like the feel of leather so they aren't as likely to shed or pee on it.

1st Place: Microfibre

If leather isn't your cup of tea, opt for microfibre. This fabric stands up to everything: Claw marks rub out, fur lifts up, and liquid beads for easy cleaning. A great option for dog- and cat-lovers alike!


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