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Pantry Raid!

On the hunt for cleaning products? Look no further than your own pantry, says domestic diva Sara Lynn Cauchon. You'll be surprised at the hidden cleaning power lurking inside some everyday kitchen staples. Best of all, not only are these 6 savvy solutions easy to find, but they're also economical and environmentally-friendly to boot!

Steven, Chris and Sara Lynn

1. Olive oil as...furniture polish!
Mix one part lemon juice with one part olive oil and apply to furniture using a soft cloth. The lemon juice dissolves dirt and grime, while the olive oil moisturizes wood and adds shine.

2. Ketchup as...brass and copper cleaner!
If you have seriously tarnished copper or brass, rub on a dab of ketchup using a soft cloth. With a little elbow grease, they'll shine like new.

3. White bread as...smudge remover!
To quickly remove smudges from your wallpaper, simply tear off a piece of white bread and rub it on the spot as you would an eraser. It will gently remove the mark without damaging the paper.

4. Club soda and mayo as...plant cleaners!
If your plants (real or fake) are a little dusty, spritz them with soda then rub foliage with a soft cloth. For a truly gorgeous shine, make like Steven's mom and polish them with mayonnaise!

5. Coffee beans as...freezer deodorizer!
Something smell funky in your freezer? No problem. Stash some coffee beans in a clean cotton sock and toss it in. The beans will absorb any foul odours.

6. Cornstarch as...carpet cleaner!
Cornstarch is fantastic at absorbing excess oil, particularly the kind that ruins carpets. Just sprinkle some on your rug, let it sit for 20 minutes, then vacuum it clean. Bonus: It also neutralizes odours.

Did we miss any of your go-to pantry cleaners? Share your secret solvents in the comments below!


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