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Pack Personality in a Small Space

Don't think just because you live in a bachelor apartment or small space, you can't pack a lot of personality into it. With some planning and multifunctional furniture, you can really maximize space for a fabulous look. Here's how we incorporated living room, dining room and bedroom functionality in the same small space.

Pack Personality in a Small Space

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When living in one open space, you really need to consider every angle before purchasing furniture. The bed is bound to take up a good amount of space, so we used the bedding here as the jumping off point for the colour scheme in this space. From there, choose double duty furniture for your space. The bedside table here doubles as a side table for your living room, and can be used for an extra work surface in an office.

Keep your area rug light, as it has to work with every configuration of your space. We opted for a neutral colour that keeps it from overpowering the space, while the patterning keeps it interesting.

Pack Personality in a Small Space

Living Space

We chose a prefabricated sofa, which transforms into a bed. It is in fact all one piece, and installs easily. The off white colour of the couch ties in nicely with our area rug and walls, and the seat cushions conceal extra storage below.

Because you'll be converting your couch to a bed and vice versa, we wanted to choose a coffee table that could tuck in under the bed. The dark wood piece we went with anchors the space and gives the living room some richness. There's also some drawer storage in here for miscellaneous clutter.

To include a small work surface, we chose a great zebra wood piece that complements the coffee table nicely and helps round out the space. Pair it with a sleek and simple desk chair that can wheel around if need be.

Pack Personality in a Small Space

Dining Space

Finally, we need to address the dining space. We love the idea of entertaining at home, and just because you have a small space doesn't mean you can't entertain. We chose a table that with a top you can flip for a larger dining surface. The decorative cube next to the console also opens up to provide seating for six.


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