Out-of-the-Box Gifts on a Budget


Need a neat Kris Kringle gift on a dime? Producer Sara Lynn Cauchon has you covered with a mountain of unique ideas that won't break the bank!


Above, from left: cheese cutter, Scratch Map, flask, vodka stocking, Long John's and Long Jane's, Tap Water bottle, Graffiti cocktail shaker; all at Drake General Store.


Above, from left: Kitchen Soap Bar, Fabric Fresh spray, Delicate Wash detergent, Sport Spray, Home Spray and Wool & Cashmere Shampoo; all The Laundress.


Above: All available at Blue Banana Market.


Above: All available at Metropolis Living.


Above, from left: Queuger by Sceltevie; +d Goony Modular Tray (shown in yellow and green), Cupmen, and Nekko Flower Pot; all at Cubeshops.


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