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Our Ultimate Glampsite

Think camping isn't for you? Think again. With some preparation you can enjoy the great outdoors and be perfectly comfortable. This is how we create the ultimate glampsite.

Above: tent, Trek Tents; single bed cots, rubber boots, Bass Pro; wool blankets, Hudson's Bay; colourful pillows, brass lanterns, wicker chest, large wooden chest, butterfly chairs, Fresh; area rug, sheepskins, IKEA; vintage luggage, The Prop Room, flashlight, Canadian Tire artificial trees, Lanscape Sculptures

One of your most important essentials is your tent. For us the obvious choice is a canvas tent. Not only are canvas tents arguably more durable over nylon, they also have that retro charm.

Cots for camping

Instead of your traditional air mattress, go with cots. They allow you to sleep up off the ground and separate from your partner so you won’t get woken up by the midnight washroom run. You can also purchase a mattress that goes on top of them for a more comfortable night’s sleep. We opted for upholstery foam to make it that much more luxurious.

Forget your old sleeping bag and bring in your linens from home. It’s a little luxury from home that will make your nights in the woods that much more comfortable. Make sure to bring a wool blanket to keep you warm on those chilly nights.

Glamping conversation area

Lighting is important no matter where you are. To illuminate the tent we used beautiful brass lanterns with LED battery candles for ambiance. It gives a beautiful look of candle light without the open flame.

Everything must be portable and easy to pack. But that doesn't mean it can’t be stylish. To create a conversation area in the tent we used folding butterfly chairs. Vintage trunks can house all your clothing essentials, and also act as side tables. Last but not least we brought in some comforts from home, a great inexpensive area rug to keep your feet warm.

Above: portable kitchen, Bass Pro; garbage can, HomeSense; Coleman stove/oven, Coleman cooler, Lagostina cookset, water cooler, Salton double burners, Canadian Tire, green and brass lanterns, Lee Valley

Now when your camping it really is all about the food. You want to take into consideration cooking for a busy kitchen. Purchase a kitchen set up with all your essential needs, like we did here to create an all-in-one kitchen.

Above: plate sets, Bass Pro; table runner, salt and pepper shakers, HomeSense; teak table and chairs, stainless steel glasses, Canadian Tire; canteens, brass lanterns, Lock Up Props

Not all campsites have picnic tables, so invest in a folding table and chairs. These are portable of course so everything can fit right into your car.

Above: wood benches, Fresh; side tables, IKEA; yellow axe, Canadian Tire; director chairs, Pier 1; pillows, West Elm; campfire, Indoor Campfires

An organized campfire setup is a must for your nightly entertainment. Relax in some comfortable director chairs and create a nice bar setup on these fold-out side tables to make entertaining a breeze.


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