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Organize Your Laundry Room

Are lost socks the bane of your existence? Do you constantly dread doing your laundry? The laundry room is typically one of the smallest rooms in your home, though it's very high traffic. If you can't find what you need among the piles of clothes, organization expert Melissa Coghlan has great ideas on how to get organized, making your laundry room pretty and painless.

Organize Your Laundry Room

Above: laundry machines, Caplan's; bins, shelf, countertop, cabinets, IKEA; small organizers, Dollar Store; laundry hamper system, ironing board, Canadian Tire; labels, pinboard, Staples

Maximize counterspace

Install a countertop or folding shelf above the washer dryer. You can get an inexpensive one from any big box store or make one yourself. The laminate countertop pictured gives you a clean and large surface for folding clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer. You don't want them to end up a wrinkled mess!

This countertop should be laminate, stone, or stainless steel. You don't want to use wood here since it will soak up stains and is harder to maintain in a wet environment.

And don't forget to store your laundry detergent on your countertop so that it's within reach. Keep your laundry products in clear plastic containers so you cansee when you're low and need to refill. Glass looks great but can break, so it's better to be safe and stick to plastic.

Hang a drying bar

Hang a drying bar wherever you have space (on the wall, behind the door). You can even use a simple towel bar to hang up shirts or items you don't want to wrinkle or that are stilla little wet. Here we've used an inexpensive rolling drying rack. You don't even have to attach this one to the wall, just roll it in!

Add sorting bins

Laundry bins with sorting compartments are a time saver and are great if you're asking kids or a member of the family (husband!) to do the laundry. You don't want your whites mixed in with darks or specialty items, nor do you want your hand wash/dry clean only items to be tossed in haphazardly. Create labels for lights, darks and delicates bins.

Organize Your Laundry Room

Install an ironing station

Wall-mount your ironing board and iron to keep them off the floor or hidden somewhere in a closet. Ironing boards are clumsy and the idea is to reduce clutter and chaos.

Have a place for lost items

A few canisters go a long way:

  • Keep a glass canister for orphan socks, so it's easy to spot a sock's mate.
  • Keep a canister for receipts and paper.
  • Keep a jar for a 'Coin Laundry Fund' filled with found coins and bills.

Laundry reminders

Install a calendar with a laundry schedule of when everybody has to bring items to the laundry area. (Monday darks, Tuesday sweaters, Wednesday sportswear, etc.) This way everybody is involved helping get the job done.

Organize Your Laundry Room


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