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Open Concept Home Office

Open concept office spaces, although not ideal, are often a necessity. We have come up with a few tips and suggestions to make sure that your open concept office blends with the rest of your living space and looks just as fabulous.

Open Concept Office Desk

Above: Archer leather and metal desk chair, Hendrix Large smart technology desk, Peterson Task table lamp, Savannah recycling bin, Havana lidded baskets, leaf-topped mercury glass bottles, vintage wood juggling pins, pocket watch clock, all Pottery Barn; Billy bookcase in black/brown, Ikea; accessories, HomeSense; celestial artwork, Istockphoto.com; paint colour: Network Access, Para paints.


The key to this space is the desk. You need to find a piece that is perfectly suited to your space and needs. In this case we used a long narrow desk that also integrates a built in power bar to help manage cable issues.



When you have an open-concept home with an office, you cannot have a traditional desk chair. We recommend sleek and sexy! The leather chair with chrome frame we used is great because it could really work as additional seating anywhere in the home.

Storage and art


Built-ins are always an ideal solution when possible, but we have come up with a solution that will help conceal some of you visual clutter when built-ins are not an option. We chose a beautiful black celestial piece of artwork and flanked it with two bookcases on either side, with moulding on the top and bottom so that they become an extension of the artwork and help define the space.

The artwork also serves to camoflage the computer screen and help to make it fade into the background so all you are left with is a beautiful piece of art.



Think of this space as an extension of your living space and not just your desk. Accessorize it accordingly. We have chosen accessories that would really work in any part of your home. All the pens, pencils, USB keys, calculators etc. are hidden inside boxes and drawers. They can all be accessed when you need them and can be cleared away when you don't.


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