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No-Sew, No-Staple DIY Headboard

Joel Bray shows us an easy way to make a fabric headboard at home—no sewing or stapling required!


1.5 yds. fabric
fusible tape
long wooden ruler
drapery rod and hanging brackets
drill and screws


  1. Select your fabric. You don't need much, so it's worth spending a few extra dollars to get something you love. A twin bed is 36-in. wide, so standard 54-in. fabric will suffice. For a queen- or king-size bed, you'll need a double-width fabric, which can range from 60 to 76 in. We suggest a height of 1.5 yds., but feel free to adjust to suit your taste.
  2. Starting at the salvaged edge of the fabric, make a mark 8 in. in. This will be the hem line. Do this on both sides. With a standard-width fabric, this will yield a 38-in. headboard, just slightly larger than a twin bed. For a larger headboard, choose the part of the fabric you want centred over the bed, then measure from this mark.
  3. Place wooden ruler along hem line. Fold 8-in. flap over and iron along ruler line to create a pressed edge that will make it easier to "sew."
  4. Trim approximately 6 in. off 8-in. flap to make fabric easier to work with. Place fusible tape along pressed edge and press with iron for 10 seconds. Do not move iron back and forth; this can cause tape to slip out of place. Do this on both sides.
  5. Measure 4 in. from top of fabric and use ruler to iron this hem line as well, as on sides. The only difference here is that you need to place tape at the bottom of this flap, instead of the top, to create a pocket with which to hang fabric.
  6. Finally, slide drapery rod (precut slightly wider than finished panel) into pocket and hang panel above bed using traditional drapery brackets. Cap ends of rod with simple end cap or something bolder, like the ball finials pictured above.
  7. .
  8. Dress bed with oversized pillows in a coordinating fabric for added softness and functionality.

Above: Lilac (SR24) paint, Sarah Richardson Designer Palette by Para Paints; bed and sheets, Ikea.


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