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No-Carve Pumpkin Projects


Not all of us are pumpkin-carving pros. But before you give up and leave your front stoop bare this Halloween, try your unskilled hand at one of these three easy pumpkin projects—all with little to no carving required.


Pumpkin Tea Party

carving knife
old dinnerware and serving dishes
round cookie cutters
Halloween costume accessories (masks, mustaches, etc.)
artificial fruit and flowers
straight pins and/or hot-glue gun

  1. Gather up old/weathered dinnerware and serving dishes from around the house. (Note: Pieces with lids work best.)
  2. Spray all dishes with all-purpose spray-paint. We used a dark, oil-rubbed bronze finish with metallic flecks, which will add dimension when pumpkins are aglow.
  3. For a true no-carve pumpkin, draw a Halloween-scape or scary face onto pumpkin with black marker. Or skip straight to Step 6.
  4. Cut a hole in the bottom of your pumpkin and scrape out innards. (An old jar lid will make this task a lot easier.)
  5. Use a cookie cutter to score two simple circles for the eyes and one for the mouth. Carve out shapes with knife.
  6. Add instant drama by adding a mustache or mask. Use straight pins and/or hot glue to hold accessories in place.
  7. Place pumpkin in spray-painted dish. Or take it a step further and place pumpkin in a pot surrounded by its seeds and pulp to give the impression that it's being cooked alive!
  8. Secure vessel lid to top of pumpkin to complete the look.


Topsy-Turvy Pumpkin Tower

This project is a great way to get some longevity out of your Halloween decor. These no-carve creations will last you right through the fall!

Cinderella or other unique pumpkins
shish kebab skewers
wood carving U-gouge tool

  1. Choose unique-looking pumpkins or gourds for this project. We opted for the Cinderella variety.
  2. Stack gourds one on top of the other to get a sense of how they will come together in the end. (You may want to draw your intended design onto the pumpkins with a marker at this point, but if you keep your plan simple, that shouldn't be necessary.)
  3. Lightly carve design into face of each pumpkin using U-gouge, just beneath skin's surface. (Note: The U-shaped base is attached to a large blade, so be extremely careful when working with it.)
  4. Once you have carved your full design into the pumpkins, stack once again and secure together using shish kebab skewers.


Ghostly Pumpkin

white school glue
wine bottle
2 water bottles
small white pumpkin(s)

  1. Wrap and mould foil around your wine bottle, forming a round ball at the top to mimic a head.
  2. Similarly, wrap and mould foil around each water bottle, but flatten balls on top so that the pumpkins will have a place to sit.
  3. Arrange bottles in a line (water, wine, water) on yet another piece of foil
  4. In a bowl, combine 3 parts white school glue with one part water.
  5. Submerge cheesecloth in glue mixture and soak through.
  6. Remove cheesecloth from the glue and allow any excess to drip off.
  7. Drape cheesecloth over bottles and mould as necessary to create ghostly figure.
  8. Allow 12-24 hours to dry.
  9. Once the cheesecloth is dry, remove from bottles. It should stand on its own.
  10. Cut two small circles out for the eyes.
  11. Place small white pumpkin on top of one or both of the flat surfaces to create illusion that ghost is carrying pumpkin(s)!


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