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Monogram Cranberry Wreath


Personalize your space with your festive decorations by making a monogram cranberry wreath of your own.

Monogram Cranberry Wreath


Foam (ours is insulation foam from the hardware store)
Fake cranberries (dollar or craft store)
Wire cutters
Hot glue gun

1. First, draw out a letter on cardboard. We had printed one out at the printer about 24" x 24" large and then used it as a template.

2. Then, make the same letter on foam. Glue the cardboard to the back of the foam. This gives the wreath a bit of sturdiness. Those cranberries get heavy!

3. Next, take the cranberries and start poking them into the foam. The ones we purchased were in bunches, so we had to cut them with wire cutters. If yours don't have stems, simply hot glue the cranberries to the foam.

4. Once the wreath looks full, you're done! Attach a ribbon and hang it up on your door or inside for a festive touch to any room.


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