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Modern and Traditional Tree Decorating Tips


What's more festive than a beautifully decorated Christmas tree? Designer Lisa Worth adorned two trees with gorgeous decorations and shared her tips on how to go traditional or modern with your own tree decorating.

Decorating a Modern Tree

Modern Tree Decor

Layer Solid Colours With White Lights

The Christmas ornaments on this tree are layered, creating a stripe effect on the tree. White lights add a subtle twinkle. They don't take centre stage but bring sparkle to the tree.

Go for Repetition With Your Ornaments

Repitition is key to achieving the modern look. Repetition of ornaments and colour creates a clean aesthetic.

Make a Statement With Texture

The statement here is glitzy glam with metallics. Choose a texture and play with it to create a tone and mood for your tree.

Supersize it!

Place large scale ornaments at the base of your tree. Have fun and play with scale!

Think of the Tree Skirt as an Extension of the Tree

The skirt should act like the tree's shoes — it should match and can also make a statement!

Decorating a Traditional Tree

Traditional Tree Decor

Choose a Traditional Looking Tree

Keep the tree itself traditional! Traditional trees like Fraser Fir are very traditional and are the perfect canvas for your traditional ornamental decor.

Look to Sources of Traditional Inspiration

This is a traditional colour scheme and the theme is hunting. When you work with a theme a tree feels cohesive and reads as a whole. It tells a story in a room.

Don't Overdo Your Ornaments

Too many ornaments can read as gaudy. Choose ornaments carefully and don't over decorate. Go for larger scale pieces that are a big read and be selective, you want the tree to be memorable!

Include Something Handmade

Always include an artisinal touch. Tradition is rooted in simplicity — get the "artisanal feel." This tree looks to nature as its handcrafted element. The handmade feeling is key to a traditional tree.


Modern Tree: tree, skirt and large scale ornamental balls by Sheridan Nurseries; ornaments on trees by Canadian Tire; chair and floorlamp from ELTE

Traditional Tree: tree, ornaments and bears by Sheridan Nurseries; chair, lamp, prints on wall from ELTE


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