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Mexican Fiesta Party Decor

For a couple planning a destination wedding, holding a fiesta-themed party for friends and family at home can provide an opportunity for everyone to get involved. Think tapas, margaritas and great music. As for decor ideas, look no further -- we've got you covered.


Above: table and chairs, Fresh Home & Garden; buffet table, Stacaro; branches, blankets, dinnerware, table accessories, vases, and serving plates, Homesense; rug, art, IKEA; lace runners, personal jars, The Dollar Store; napkins and placemats, Crate & Barrel; sombreros, Amazing Party and Costume Store.

Getting Started

When it comes to planning a fiesta, the more colour the better. Layer citrus tones, with bright pinks and reds, and don't forget to play with texture. More is more in this case; creating multiple layers will keep this looking sophisticated.


A buffet is a great way to keep things casual, and allows your guests to serve themselves the portions they want. Plus, it acts as a great place to create a vignette that shows off your festive d├ęcor.

1. Vases: Here we've taken some inexpensive vases that you may have already in your home and have wrapped colourful string around them. Then, just fill them with some branches or flowers of your choice to create an interesting floral arrangement. If it turns dark, you can replace the branches with some oversized candles to give some nice, ambient light.

2. Colourful Dinnerware: We've said before that you can rent dinnerware for special occasions, but if you've invested in some bright summer dishes, this is a great way to use them again.

3. Personal Guacamole and Salsa: You can never have enough salsa or guacamole at a fiesta! These personalized jars allow your guests to double dip, and they can act as a takeaway if they don't finish them at the party!

4. DIY Paper Lanterns : You always see these beautiful paper lanterns at outdoor parties. They're a great way to add some colourful decor by hanging them from branches or umbrellas.


We've created what your table might look like once your guests have gotten their food and dinnerware from the beautiful buffet. As you can see we've continued our festive, colourful theme to really complete the look.

1. DIY Tablecloth/Runner: We've layered a classic lace tablecloth over another solid one. We've dyed the lace ourselves to create a bright foundation for the rest of the table. This can be done with fabric dye or paint. This is also great if you've got a lace tablecloth that has a spill or stain on it.

2. Cutlery / Party Favors: To continue with the vibe of this fun celebration, we've wrapped sparklers with the cutlery for guests to use after dinner.

3. Name Tags: Keeping with the theme, we've created name tags for the backs of the chairs. For all the girls, we've made some tissue flowers with a pin, while the guys have sombreros.

4. Colourful Blankets: At each place for when it gets chilly at night!


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