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Ask S&C: Mantle Mantra


Say it loud, say it proud: The key to a killer fireplace is to keep everything in proportion. Keep our mantle mantra in mind to ensure a balanced hearth.

Your mantle height (in inches) should be double the total height of the fireplace and mantle combined (in feet).


So...a four-foot fireplace demands an eight-inch mantle; a five-foot fireplace, a 10-inch mantle; a six-foot fireplace, a 12-inch mantle and so on.

This edition of Ask S&C was inspired by our viewer Michelle, who wrote to us looking for help with her stone fireplace:

Hi Steven and Chris,

We have moved into our new home and have worked out almost all the spaces but we are stuck on the main living room. As you can see there is a large stone fireplace, but we don't know how to work with it. I have purchased this large mirror, but the proportions seem a bit off. Please help!

Thanks you!

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