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Make Your Own Entryway Art

Designer Joel Bray is back with another look-for-less DIY project to help you add some visual interest to your entryway walls—for less than 60 bucks!


MDF board
wallpaper paste
wallpaper of your choice
plastic scraper
grosgrain ribbon of your choice
glue gun
X-acto knife
mounting brackets


  1. Cut MDF into 2 pieces the width of wallpaper and length of your choosing. (Ours were 40-in. long.) Alternatively, you can have someone at the big box store cut the MDF for you.
  2. Prime MDF boards. This will help wallpaper paste adhere.
  3. Prep and attach wallpaper to boards. Depending on which type you choose, the application process will differ. If your chosen paper is not pre-pasted, apply paste, book wallpaper (fold over on itself to ensure paste is evenly distributed, being careful not to crease paper) for 3 minutes before placing it on MDF board.
  4. Once paper has been applied to MDF, use a plastic scraper to remove any air bubbles (much like you would when applying paper to a wall).
  5. At this point, you can try to make sure that your wallpaper pattern lines up on each board. It's not crucial, but a nice extra detail.
  6. Let paper dry fully then trim off any excess.
  7. Attach ribbon to unfinished edges of MDF with glue gun. (We chose ribbon in the same colour as our wallpaper so it blended in to create a finished edge.)
  8. Apply mounting brackets to back of panels to hang diptych on wall. If you're placing it over a console table or dresser, hang approximately 2 in. above furniture. Top panels with a mirror to add another layer of depth.


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