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How to Make a Bed: Designer Style


Above: Steven and Chris mattress, Springwall; Steven and Chris bedding, Home Outfitters.

Make the bed

It doesn't take a lot of time especially if you keep the bedding simple. Be sure to turn down the linens for an inviting and "full" look.

Simplify your bedding

Choose a great bedding set that works together and doesn't have too many components.

Plump pillows

Flat pancake pillows are not allowed on a beautiful bed. Be sure to buy new ones if yours are falling flat.

Double up on the Duvet

We always suggest doubling up on your duvet - especially during the winter months. An extra plump duvet will give that lush look that you always see in ads and magazines.

Appeal to the senses

Linen Spray instantly calms, relaxes, and elevates the level of luxury! It'll feel like a designer just created this space especially for you.


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