Lynda Reeves’ Unique Tree Displays


When it comes to decorating for the holidays it's possible to suit all sizes of homes and budgets. Lynda Reeves shows us how, with her simple tricks and tips for creating beautiful tree displays in your home!

Lynda Reeves' Unique Tree Displays

If you want to display a large tree (or create the look of a large tree) in your home, here are three simple ways to do it.

Tree in a Basket

If you have the room, bring in a large natural tree. It's fresh, festive and smells amazing. Here we have taken a simple basket and cut out the bottom using scissors. It fits right over your tree stand and provides the base with a subtle, natural texture - it's a far cry from an ugly red tree skirt! And if the basket has a nice flat weave bottom you may not have to even cut it.

Tree in a Galvanized Bucket

If you want to give your tree a bit of vintage flair, use a galvanized bucket as the stand. It's cheap & simple and gives a rustic or farmhouse look to the tree.

Tree on a Pedestal Table

This is a great way to add height to a smaller tree. Maybe you don't want a large tree taking up the entire room or you want to add a smaller second tree in another area of your home. Just remember to wrap the base in burlap and tie with a pretty, natural bow.

Small and Medium-Sized Trees

Lynda Reeves' Unique Tree Displays

If you prefer to display a medium sized tree, these next two options are great in an entryway or as a feature on a console table.

Tree in an Urn

This can be a very simple and elegant way to display a tree inside. We see this all the time outside in the garden, but there's no reason why you can't do this like inside. It's a very English garden look.

Tree in an Antique Barrel

What a unique way to showcase a smaller tree. Just add moss & pine cones, and you're all set!

If you are looking for something smaller, mini trees are a luxurious addition to any room or table. Put them in simple pots and line them up along the mantle or down the center of the table, or clustered together in a front hall. And for that special touch, you can even put them under a cloche or a dome.

And if you don't want to add a tree but still want to get into the holiday spirit, why not showcase branches or boughs in glass jars, fishbowls or milk jugs that you might have lying around your home. These options are the most affordable and convenient. Go outside, snip some branches and display in your home!


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