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Luxury Hotel Living at Home


After visiting the Trump hotel in Toronto, interior designer Lisa Worth was inspired to make a luxurious bedroom that you can recreate at home.




Art Sets the Tone

Part of creating a luxurious look for your bedroom is having a sense of embellishment and drama. The oil canvas by Darlene Cole at Bau-xi Gallery sets the tone for this space.

Low Key Headboard

Headboards are a go-to focal point for many bedrooms, but they don’t have to be! In this case, it is the artwork and area rug that draw your attention. If the headboard stood out, the space would have become too busy visually.

Sources: headboard, Au Lit Fine Linens; carpet, ELTE.

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Masculine and Feminine Elements

The wall behind the bed, which is a soft pink, is perfectly balanced by the strong masculine black on the other wall. The bench at the foot of the bed is a gorgeous metallic element but has soft, feminine curves and allows for a place to store cushions and extra covers. Even the bedding has some masculine and feminine elements with its combination of black and white.

Sources: dark wall in “Gray 2121-10”, Benjamin Moore; pink wall in “Middleton Pink”, Farrow and Ball; bench and cushions, ELTE; fur throw, Au Lit Fine Linens.

:::Luxurious Hotel Room Look at Home: Balance of masculine and feminine elements.::: /stevenandchris/content/images/__common/_slideshow/_fullslide/luxury-room-bed-linen-rug.jpg:::


Euro Shams and coverlet: go for the highest quality linens you can afford and invest in some sateen for both comfort and visual appeal.


The rug is a very bold choice with its strong tones of charcoal and hits of pink and white. It not only brings colour into the room, but it also goes beautifully with classic white bedding and a luxurious faux fur throw.

Source: all bedding and throws from Au Lit Fine Linens

:::Luxurious Hotel Room Look at Home: Bedding and Rugs::: /stevenandchris/content/images/__common/_slideshow/_fullslide/luxury-room-surpriset.jpg:::

Think Outside the Box

When sourcing furniture for your bedroom, some finds can be very boring so think outside the box — or room — for your pieces. The best example of this is using an actual sideboard one would normally find in a dining room as a dresser/bar. This one was found at ELTE.

It is also a great idea to introduce a little unexpected element of surprise into the room such as the hidden bar.;

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Lucite and Brass

Lucite and brass always add a touch of glamour. The openness of the bedside tables is another unusual choice because people normally opt for pieces with drawers. In this case, the tables hold books, which mean they still address storage needs, but are more open and therefore create a sense of more space.

Pendant Light

Why not install a pendant light instead of the typical table lamp? Pendant lights free up valuable space on your bedside table for items we require.

Source: bedside tables and pendants from ELTE.

:::Luxurious Hotel Room Look at Home: Lucite and Brass::: /stevenandchris/content/images/__common/_slideshow/_fullslide/luxury-room-fireplace.jpg:::


Luxury is about pleasure and fireplaces add elements of relaxation and romance. Electric units are easy and reasonably priced.

Lounging Area

Go for chaises in rich, tactile fabrics like velvet — it makes for a wonderful spot to relax and read.

Sources: electric fireplace, Toronto Comfort Zone; chaise, ELTE.

:::Luxurious Hotel Room Look at Home: Fireplace and Lounging Area:::
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