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Kids’ Art Walls

Give your little Picasso the gallery wall their masterpieces deserve, with today's Life Made Easy tips.

Kids' Art Walls

Magnetic Wall

Turn any wall in your home into an invisible magnetic display board, using magnetic wall primer.

Prime your walls with magnetic wall primer, which is readily available in most hardware and paint stores. Cover primer in the same paint you have on all the other walls in your room.

The end result is a seamless, and invisible magnetic wall that you can hang your children's art from, like a giant canvas.

Kids' Art Walls

Coat Hook Gallery

Using coat hooks and pant hangers, you can create a revolving quick change art gallery.

Wall hooks
Pant hangers
Spray paint

1.Spray paint ordinary coat hooks, with a punch of colour.

2. Hang the hooks at even intervals on the wall, being sure to leave enough room between each hook to hang a piece of art.

3. clip art onto pant hangers, and attach the pant hangers to your wall hooks. You can quickly exchange new pieces of art as they arrive from school!

Art Book

Once they've been showcased on your wall, turn your children's art into a permanent memento, or a great gift for grandma or grampa. Bind your kids art into an art book of their own.

Photograph or scan your children's art, then upload to any number of photo websites that will bind and print a book for you. It becomes a beautiful and organized way to hold on to your kids' treasured creations.


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