Interior Doors

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If open concept isn't your thing and you want to close the door behind you, Lisa's got some fabulous interior doors to show us. BUT how do you select the one you love? There are quite a few options out there and she'll help us understand why a door can look more traditional or contemporary when it comes to stiles and rails, hollow vs solid and painted vs stained.

1. STANDARD DOOR $45  - This is "Standard" for interior doors and has been for the past 20 years. It's called a "Bostonian" - hollow core, 6 panel with a textured surface. Take a look at the stiles and rails. These help determine look of door and price point.



2. NEXT STEP UP $95 - Still a hollow core but gone is the textured surface and the standard 6 panel. This door has a smooth surface with a nicer, more updated approach to the panels.


3. TAKING IT UP ANOTHER NOTCH $160 - Here we have a paint grade "shaker" door. It has a solid wood core. This style is perfect for a simplistic contemporary or minimalistic country interior. This door has solid wood stiles and rails. There is skin of 1/8" of MDF over the wood stiles and rails that is laminated.  This MDF skin on the wood stiles and rails ensures the paint finish is uniform.


4. SOLID WOOD MIX PAINTED DOOR $280 - This is traditional yet a little more restrained -  this 2 panel door works with many aesthetics. The interior panel is MDF. Saves you money yet you still get the feeling of a solid door.


5. STAINED SOLID WOOD DOOR $640 - This style is more traditional. Look at this gorgeous solid wood 3 panel with a raised panel. It's a solid oak door but you can pick your wood - oak, cherry, etc... AND then customize your stain - no sound is going through this baby!  



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