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Get Dirty With Industrial Decor

What's old is new again! Found industrial items are the "new antiques." But how to separate trash from treasure? We turned to interior designer Andrika Lawren to help us navigate the flea markets, vintage stores and auction houses and get our hands on some funky finds. Here's what she told us.

1. The Dirtier, The Better

The more the patina an item has (i.e. the rustier it is), the more desirable it is. After all, every pock mark tells a story. Don't be afraid to mix metals or patinas.

2. Simplicity Works

Don't overdo it. You can achieve the industrial vintage look with a single statement piece (e.g. a cool lamp, an oversized piece of vintage art). The contrast between a "found" item and more contemporary accessories can be quite striking.

3. Mix Metal and Wood

Look for large pieces that incorporate both metal and wood for the ultimate vintage score.


Above: paint ("Manitou Blue" P2136-02), Para Paints; vintage rolling rack, locker baskets, articulating light and shoe lasts, Smash; glass shelving (on rack), Adanac Glass Limited; ceramic hand, HomeSense; vintage tricycle, ceramic piggy bank and small artwork (on rack), Andrika's own; artwork (on wall), Dave Trautrimas at Art Interiors.


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