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IKEA: How to Maximize Storage and Style in Your Bedroom

The bedroom is one space where storage never seems enough. But IKEA's storage solutions always offer the right balance between functionality and style. Explore this 'His' and 'Her' bedroom styled by IKEA design spokesperson, Alicia Carroll, for unique storage ideas so you can reach for stuff with ease or stow them away when not in use.





The MALM bed is fantastic because of its unique storage feature. Usually storage beds come with drawers, but here the entire bed pulls up and allows you to store things under it, like seasonal wear or luggage. 

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Storage bench

It's great to have a bench at the end of your bed for functionality, but it's even better if it has storage. The unfinished wood also gives it a laid back, casual look.

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Bedside lamps

When you keep the surfaces just for accessories and necessities and bring the lighting onto the wall, you leave ample room for storage. These wall lamps also play into that industrial look we are going for, and lend a casual vibe to the space.

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'His' wardrobe

The 'His' and 'Her' PAX wardrobe is a versatile wardrobe system that can be set up anywhere in the house. But in a bedroom they are such an impactful tool in making a functional and useful space.

Here the 'His' wardrobe is outfitted with a variety of interior fittings to make his life easier when he's getting ready in the morning. We have the traditional clothing rails, but below is where all the fun happens! The pull-out drawer with a divider lets him store watches, jewelry or ties. And below is the pull-out pants hanger, as well as pull-out shoe storage. On the other side, you can maximize storage by placing shelves that do not go the entire width of the wardrobe. That way, he can hang longer articles of clothing, like trench coats or suits.

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'Her' wardrobe 

The 'Her' wardrobe is seriously every woman's dream. Again, not one bit of space is wasted here. Every inch of space is filled with storage boxes to compartmentalize her storage. We all know that aside from clothing, women also love their jewelry and shoes, so we've created some solutions for that here with these amazing jewelry organizers and pull-outs for her heels and flats too. The clear glass drawer fronts not only look amazing up against the dark wood of the wardrobe unit itself, but they also make it easy for her to see what's in each drawer without having to open them up.

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Let's also dive into some style tips while we're here... The colour in the bedroom is kept to a minimum to accomodate both his and her tastes. The mixed metals lend an industrial vibe of the space. That way you're left with a chic, gender neutral bedoroom.

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You can mix and match bedding to create an interesting, custom look. Here we’ve pulled some neutrals in the bedding range, so if you're afraid of being adventurous, you can't go wrong with black, white and grey.

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Pendant lights 

This pendant comes in a small and large version. If you're feeling creative, the smaller lamps could be clustered together for impact. They are in an interesting brass finish which plays into the metals on the wall lamps above the side tables.

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Finally layer a few different rugs under the whole set up. This jute rug works great in this space. Layer it with a cowhide rug on top to bring in some texture.

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