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A Stylish Space for You and Your Man

How do you keep your space looking stylish when the man in your life moves into your home? Interior designer Maia Roffey shows us how to take a feminine space and make it feel more balanced.

'Hers' living room: sofa, side table, ELTE; rug, IKEA; coffee table, arm chair, table lamps, Barrymore; floor lamp, UpCountry; console, SNOB

A Stylish Space for You and Your Man

To take a room from "hers" to "theirs," Maia started by removing one obviously "girlie"chair and replaced it with a masculine chair upholstered in leather. The next step involved swapping the soft femnine lamps with more unisex looking ones.

Proving you don't have to change all of your decor, Maia kept some toss cushions and switched others. She also kept many of the same accessories and artwork.

A Stylish Space for You and Your Man

The most dramatic change in the room was achieved with the use of custom wallpaper by Rollout. The wallpaper added interest and drama to the room without appearing obviously masculine or feminine in its aesthetic. Abstract patterns are a great way to achieve this balance. 

'Theirs' living room: sofa, arm chair, side table, rug, ELTE; rug, IKEA; coffee table, Barrymore; floor lamp, table lamps, UpCountry; console, SNOB; wallpaper, Rollout


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