Get the Luxury Look

The high-end look is one that's easy to shy away from, so we deconstructed this very upscale aesthetic with the help of design expert Lisa Worth. Lisa shares her insider tips on how to achieve a high-end luxury look in your home with this very carefully curated vignette. 

A luxury room created by Lisa Worth.

Sources: wallpaper, couch, coffee table, end tables, lamps, and gold shells by Lee Jofa; desk, chair, and pendant by Cocoon; rug by W Studio


High-end cheetah print wallpaper.

Animal print wallpaper will add unique character to the space because it creates a dose of the unexpected and the exotic. Another key factor to the luxury look is eccentricity. It is a luxury to be eccentric and take risks away from conformity. Play with that idea and think outside the norm!

Sofa: $14,615.00

High-end couch with a moss green and beige zig-zag pattern.

This piece was Lisa’s jumping off point for the arrangement. It gives the space a glamorous uptown vibe that screams luxury. The colour green is a hot colour right now and so is the bold scale of the pattern. This sofa has the ability to follow a trend while making a statement. Not playing it safe speaks volumes!

Occasional Tables: $4,065.00/$3,141.00

Two different end tables. Left side is black with gold accents, right side is plain gold.

We're making the transition from silver to gold. The market term for this transition is “gilver”. Gold is timelessly luxurious. The black table with gold accents lends an exotic Asian undertone and has an overall global vibe to it, which implies the luxury if travel.

Lamps: $1,780.00 each

Handmade luxury lamp by Bunny Williams.

These lamps are from one of the best known designers in the world, Bunny Williams. They are made from hand cast ceramic and are hand painted, which means each lamp is slightly different and unique. It's a luxury to know your lamp is fabricated by hand and not mass produced in machine factories.

Coffee Table: $7,795.00

Dark zebrawood coffetable with gold accents.

This coffee table is Zebrawood which is exotic, rich, and hard to get. The fine detailing on this table and the gold accents are shining examples of top-of-the-line workmanship and design.

Pendant: $3,628.00

Gold pendant light hangs from ceiling.

The size of this pendant creates a dramatic and lavish presence in the room. Repeating the gilded gold gives the area a dynamic energy.

Desk: $5,687.00
Chair: $2,750.00

Leopard print chair with a mahogany wood desk.

This desk is both elegant and sculptural. The sheen and richness of the mahogany is juxtaposed with the satin brass accent. It is formal and elegant while staying current and not stuffy.

The lines on the chair pick up on the desk’s sinuous base and are perfectly proportioned for the scale of the desk. The repetition animal pattern and green from the sofa links the various elements and finishes the space.

Area Rug: $5,000.00

A hand spun viscose and wool rug.

This rug grounds the entire arrangement in rich muddy tones with hints of gold. The hand spun viscose and wool makes it artificial silk, or as it is referred to in the textile world, art silk. This rug is subtle and does not fight with the sofa, yet it captures the eye. The sheen from the art silk creates rich textures that are essential for creating a “lux” look.


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