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How to Create an Eclectic Bedroom

Your entire bedroom should never come from one store or catalogue, says Andrika Lawren, who's a big believer in designing eclectic spaces. Take a look at how she pulls together a bedroom with personality.

How to Create an Eclectic Bedroom

Above: bed, side tables, rug, bedding, pillows, throws EQ3; bench, marlin, weather vein, sculpted head, wing back chairs, Cornerstone; paint, Para EPSRIT p5151-75d

The modern low bed used here is the perfect starting point. It has great simple lines and a clean shape, balanced by the matching bedside tables. The bold bedding is extremely graphic, taking us away from the trend of those ' hotel whites' and bringing some flare into your bedroom. Add a neutral rug and you have a great starting base.

How to Create an Eclectic Bedroom

Adding something as unique as the hanging marlin is a very bold choice, but starts bringing in elements of fun into the space, spinning the look in a playful direction. It's also a total conversation piece.

Placing the pendants on either side of the bed is a great lighting solution. It gives bedside lighting without going down the traditional road of bedside lamps. This technique allows our vista to be filled, taking up some of the negative space of the wall behind the bed.

How to Create an Eclectic Bedroom

Classic wing back influenced chairs start shifting the modern direction of this look and bring a bit of texture and detail to the room.

And of course, fun accessories pull the entire look together. The golden weather vein adds great contrast to the dark blue colour in the room. Little fish details, the bust, the poufs, the throws and pillows make it all work. Even if all these pieces do not seem to belong together, they now look and feel as if they're working in harmony to create that eclectic look.

Andrika Lawren


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