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Mike Holmes’ Handyman Quiz

Mike Holmes, one of North America's most well-known contractors, has been making renovation wrongs right for years. These days, he's putting his expertise to good use as a judge on Canada's Handyman Challenge (series finale February 21 on HGTV), where he joins fellow reno pros Jillian Harris, Scott McGillivray and Bryan Baeumler in a nationwide search for the country's best everyman handyman.

So who better than Holmes to school us on on our handyman know-how? Test your smarts in his multiple-choice quiz.


  1. What does MDF stand for?
  2. a. Medium Density Fibreboard
    b. Maximum Dried Foamboard
    c. Made of Dense Fibres

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  3. What is the standard height for a kitchen counter?
  4. a. 32 inches
    b. 34 in.
    c. 36 in.

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  5. What kind of screw head is this?
  6. Screw with square indent.

    a. Robertson
    b. Phillips
    c. Allen

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  7. Would a home with knob-and-tube electrical wiring be insured?
  8. a. Yes
    b. No

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  9. What is the first thing you should paint in a room?
  10. a. Trim
    b. Wall
    c. Ceiling

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