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Holiday Wine and Cheese Party


Designer Monica Pedersen is a pro at decking out fabulous parties. Here she shares her five essentials for a successful holiday party that will put your guests in a merry mood.

Holiday Wine and Cheese Party

1. Make Your Party Seasonal

Parties are meant to bring people together, so create an environment people will feel comfortable in.

2. Have a Theme in Mind

In this case, Monica went with a wine and cheese party, a chic and sophisticated idea that doesn't take much time at all.

3. Keep it casual and serve good food

  • Remove chairs to help people mingle
  • Pair your wine and cheese
  • Incorporate natural elements

4. Always Incorporate Some Design Elements

  • Fresh Flowers
  • Hurricane Vase
  • Decorative accessories: the play on texture and pattern that makes the table beautiful

5. Give your guests something to do and send them home with a gift

Monica believes in parties being interactive, especially if guests don't know one another. Having jewelry to try on is a way she likes to have a group of women come together, and send them home with a gift.


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